A Guide to Junior Hockey in the DMV

Are you interested in introducing your child to ice hockey but don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the classes and programs offered by the many rinks in the Capital Beltway area? Are you wondering if Learn to Skate classes are worth the investment? As a father of two young hockey players, I’ve been through this, and in this website I hope to provide some information that can help guide you.

Where to start?

Once your child can walk he is ready to learn ice skating. What is the best way to introduce them to the ice? Should you encourage the use of skating aids? Are group lessons a good idea?

From land to ice →

Balanced Blades, yay or nay?

Are Balanced Blades worth it? Is it easy to transition kids from Balanced Blades to hockey skates?

My thoughts on Balanced Blades →


A quick review of ice rinks in the DMV. Mostly focused on rinks west of the Beltway.

Beltway Rinks →

The top developmental priorities for young hockey players are #1 skating, #2 skating, #3 skating. Maybe #4 skating too if you have some extra time